Spoil your



The best gift is to meet and get to know you. Of course you do not have to bring any extra gifts in addition to the fee, but do you want to spoil me a bit extra and I will be extra happy!

. . .My birthday month is April. =)

A few things im in need of:

Residence in Stockholm

* Condominium, first-hand rental contract. From the central parts and out towards Sigtuna / Arlanda is of particular interest.

*New car

My car need to be replaced with something reliable.

* Happy to make a special dating plan with you! <3

A few things I like​:

Gift cards to my email (Only works in Scandinavia, I think)

Superpresentkortet at Gogift.se 

To: emmagbg@outlook.com

Name: Emma Svensson.)

Gift to my door

Amazon wish list

If you wish to shop before our date, here are some suggestions:



Bra: padded/balconette. Size 80H (european.)

Panties: hipster string. Size 42.


Armani - Acqua di gioia

Calvin Klein - Beauty

Joop! - All aboute eve


Size EU 41. Ask me to go try in store before or save receipt if I need to change size.


Concert tickets, Stand up


St Jörgen Gothenburg, Hagabadet Gothenburg, Centralbadet Stockholm

Weekend getaways & hotel nights

Contribution to new photo session. =)

Disclaimer: In Sweden, it is legal to sell sexual services but illegal to buy since our politicians don't know the difference in sexual intercourse with consent and rape. It's also illegal to promote someone's sex work. I am a Swedish citizen, work independently and have deliberately chosen this career. If and when I meet someone myself or with any of my friends, money exchanged is for time and companionship only. If and when I meet with friends, our cavaliers have on their own searched for friend's contact details, contacted, booked appointment and paid us separately. If and when I am visiting a country where sex work is illegal and regarded more dangerous than eg. freely selling firearms, money exchanged is for time and companionship only. Everything else that may occur during time spent together is a matter of personal choice between two or more consenting adults and is not requested or considered a paid service.

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