Emma von Linne,  Escort Gothenburg, Stockholm, Sweden, Fly me to you

Vacation travel


I love to travel and prefer hot sunny destinations and quaint towns in front of ski resorts and wild cities. It rests something peaceful and romantic over sandy beaches with palm trees and the mañana mindset. Like a newly in love couple walk hand in hand through picturesque alleys after an exciting or relaxing day.


The world is our playground and we create memories for life! Let's get the the tourist hat and flip flop on and let us escape the everyday stress and treat ourselves with each other with sand between our toes. To sit close to someone special with a fruity cocktail in your hand while the sun disappears into the ocean, feeling you have all the time in the world to just enjoy each other is a delight for the senses. Next morning awaits new experiences!

Tips on destinations: Thailand, Dominican Republic, New Zealand, Bora-Bora, Bali, Maldiverna, Croatia, Copenhagen, London, Rome, Athens, Barcelona, Venice, Malaga, Crete, Paris etc.

Tell me in your presentation what you want us to experience together. Do you already have a travel plan in mind? Price varies on number of days away and time spent together. Will we spend all the time together or part of the time? We tailor the trip to your wishes. Time to start planning now!

Please note, the price does NOT include travel expenses and hotel.


3 days - 40 000 SEK

5 days - 60 000 SEK

7 days - 80 000 SEK

Inquire for extended stay​

World Wide

3 days - 50 000 SEK

5 days - 70 000 SEK

7 days - 90 000 SEK

Inquire for extended stay​


My friends who love to travel in my company get 5000 SEK off the next trips.