Get to know me

I was born in 1987 in a beautiful middle-sized Swedish city where I grew up in a safe home. In my teens I moved with one of my parents to Stockholm and a few years ago I moved to Gothenburg. I still have friends and family left in Stockholm, which means that I visit Stockholm regularly.

In my working life, I have always worked with people and services in one way or another and am used to meeting all types of people and responding to their needs. Always trying to exceed expectations and do that little extra. I feel like it doesn't take much to put a smile on someone's face or make someone relax and feel safe. To be attentive, responsive and show that you care. In other words, I want the people around me to feel good. Qualities that are great as a sex worker.

I'm also active in the sex workers rights movement and Swedish organisation Fuckförbundet. (Which translates to "The fuck association". So funny!)

Get to know me more through my twitter accounts. @EnEskortsDagbok is my activism account and @EmmaVonLinne my regular account.

I get asked questions about how a professional date is.

I would explain it as a common date with someone you value and like (and you have prepared yourself accordingly.) One difference from a "private" date is, you have more information from the start and can skip the game. The second difference is that both parts know the conditions when you meet = no strings attached.

As an escort, I get to know amazing people that I wouldn't have met in my private life. These are friends I highly appreciate! I develop as a person all the time thanks to you and I would never dream of being without my experiences in escorting or experiencing new ones.

Flirting with a gentleman over a nice dinner at a cozy restaurant or a sophisticated bar-visit with the good drinks of life followed by a sensual dessert is amazing.

Never a dull time with me!

Happy, close to laugh and like to joke around. Easy and uncomplicated are characteristics that describe me well. At the same time, I am very calm, down to earth and secure as a person. I'm often told I'm incredibly easy to hang out with and that it feels like you already know me, even though it's the first time we meet.

I always dress discreetly and properly. underneath you'll find luxurious underwear. I would describe me as "girl next door", a relaxed jeans girl. If the setting requires that I'm more dressed up, I will be, sometimes I am anyway.

In my company you can feel safe talking about anything. What happens between us stays between us.

A date with me

To me, it does not matter if you have never had sex before or are experienced. What matters is that we will enjoy spending time together. You don't need to think about any performance anxiety or complexity. We take it at your pace and I want you to feel relaxed in my company. I'm open minded and embarrassing moments is not something I'm familiar with! I easily melt into the environments I cross and my calm way and humor will make you relax.

For me every encounter is special and I do everything to satisfy your wishes you expressed when booking. I'll make both your body and soul shiver by desire. What you look doesn't matter to me. I se beauty in all the people and will certainly find you attractive. What I value is your inside and you being clean & fresh! 


You are a nice gentleman over 20 years looking for a companion out of the ordinary. Someone who loves what she does, that will spoil you properly and tickle your senses. You are looking for more than a quickie for lunch. Both the physical contact as the intellectual and emotional connection are just as important to you. You speak fluent Swedish or English.

I see being sober and drug-free as a requirement. We will probably meet over dinner and wine or socialize over a drink in a nice bar as a start of our meeting, but it's a completely different thing.


Just like me, you are discreet and respectful. You also think it's a matter of respect to be prepared before you call and introduce yourself. I appreciate that you are literate both in terms of text and between the lines. I will not present a list of positions and various sex acts. What I do I would describe as a companion or courtesan. To me it is about quality dates, or in other words presence, commitment, mutual chemistry, respect and trust.


I can meet you as anything from your tender girlfriend

to your paramour. My desire and pleasure are genuine

and I am always exited to see you!


I also have some friends who we can invite to spice things up. You contact us individually. Annika Amour, who is featured in my 2015 gallery, lives in Skåne. Ellie Darling and Madeline Hamilton in Sthlm. Frida Sinclair, Angelica Wendel and Gretha Gustavsson (2017 gallery) here in Gothenburg. "I love Ophelia" in Berlin / Australia / sometimes Sweden. I can't stop you googling these beautiful ladies ... =)


For our own safety, penetrating sex with condom only. I'll preform oral sex on you without a condom as I assume you are newly showered, clean and fresh. Proposal to have sex without a condom is something I strongly reject. If this happens, I will end our date immediately - No refund. Questions about bare back sex is equal to me not agreeing to meet with you now or in the future.


What I DON'T Offer:

  • Sex without condom

  • Hard dominance

  • Fotfetischism

  • Scat or other extreme

  • Meet in car / truck or similar

  • Come in mouth, face or near my genitals / ass

  • Fisting

Yes ... This list can be made very long but I think you understand what kind of activities I like and offer.

P.S. I get squirting orgasms and love anal. ;)

Disclaimer: In Sweden, it is legal to sell sexual services but illegal to buy since our politicians don't know the difference in sexual intercourse with consent and rape. It's also illegal to promote someone's sex work. I am a Swedish citizen, work independently and have deliberately chosen this career. If and when I meet someone myself or with any of my friends, money exchanged is for time and companionship only. If and when I meet with friends, our cavaliers have on their own searched for friend's contact details, contacted, booked appointment and paid us separately. If and when I am visiting a country where sex work is illegal and regarded more dangerous than eg. freely selling firearms, money exchanged is for time and companionship only. Everything else that may occur during time spent together is a matter of personal choice between two or more consenting adults and is not requested or considered a paid service.

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