• Emma von Linné

Guide: Anal 101

I get many questions about this so I'll tell you how it works in practice.

Firstly, I think so much about anal sex, otherwise I would not offer it. So now you do not have to ask about anything else! =)

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1. Preparation

Mandatory for anal sex to be good.

I need to have eaten properly since the day before for my stomach to be in good condition. Everyone knows how you feel after a party night or bad food...

Before we get to bed I also rinse with water, so hopefully we will not get any surprises.

If you are interested in strapon, I suggest you rinse first. A pump to spray water with is bought for around 200 sek/20

euro in sex toy stores.

Swedish Gothenburg independent escort & world wide travel companion

2. Warm up

You can't stress anal sex. If you do it will hurt. What you need to do is to soften the sphinctral first. You do this with your fingers or a anal plug. I think the best way is to use an anal plug that is about as thick as the man's penis.

Of course, the plug can not be pushed in straight away, it need to be worked in gently a little bit at a time with a lot of lube.

3. Penetration

Once softened, we're good to go. Also, a lot of lubricants because the ass doesn't work the same way a pussy does. It doesn't wet.

Condoms dry out, so you need lube more than once.

Start out gently. After a while you can increase the pace.

I think we're ready to go to go now! What do you think?! =)

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