Fly me to you

For my friends who for some strange reason don't live in Gothenburg, I would love to travel to you for a memorable date. Only your imagination and time off will set the limits. Invite me to your city to brighten your life!

I'm Instead of another dull evening alone in the hotel room, I'm waiting for you when you get home. Meanwhile you work I amuse myself on my own to explore the town etc, and when you're free, we spend time together.

For stays 3 days+ I'll need a couple weeks notice. Date of departure is best planned together. Shorter trips can be booked with a few days' advance if time is available.

If we haven't met before, you verify first. You find how to do this in the required reading.

Please note, the price include travel expenses and hotel. For a deeper description of the different dates, visit arrangements.


3 hours - 11000 SEK

Dinner date - 12000 SEK

Over Night - 15000 SEK

Luxurious Over Night - 17000 SEK

Full day 10 hours - 17000 SEK

24 hours - 25 000 SEK

2 days - 30 000 SEK

3 days - 35 000 SEK


Dinner date - 17000 SEK

Luxurious Over Night - 22000 SEK

Full day 10 hours - 22000 SEK

24 hours - 30 000 SEK

2 days - 35 000 SEK

3 days - 40 000 SEK

For extended stay please see Travel

World Wide

Full day 10 hours - 32000 SEK

Luxurious Over Night - 32000 SEK

24 hours - 40 000 SEK

2 days - 45 000 SEK

3 days hours - 50 000 SEK

For extended stay please see Travel

Disclaimer: In Sweden, it is legal to sell sexual services but illegal to buy since our politicians don't know the difference in sexual intercourse with consent and rape. It's also illegal to promote someone's sex work. I am a Swedish citizen, work independently and have deliberately chosen this career. If and when I meet someone myself or with any of my friends, money exchanged is for time and companionship only. If and when I meet with friends, our cavaliers have on their own searched for friend's contact details, contacted, booked appointment and paid us separately. If and when I am visiting a country where sex work is illegal and regarded more dangerous than eg. freely selling firearms, money exchanged is for time and companionship only. Everything else that may occur during time spent together is a matter of personal choice between two or more consenting adults and is not requested or considered a paid service.

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