What do you think about anal sex?

I like anal sex. You don't need to have tried it before, I'm not afraid to show how I like it. However, I will not engage in anal sex if you have trouble keeping your erection. If you have trouble getting off or want "marathon-sex" this is not something we will spend a whole date with. The maximum circumference, 14 cm / 5,5 inches.
I've wrote a piece about how anal sex works. It's in swedish tho but translators works fairly well. Enjoy!

What if I don't turn you on?

I do not care how you look, if you are tall or short, thick or slim, have a favorable look or not. What I value is your inside and you being clean and fresh. Since I started as an escort, I have not had to cancel a date for this reason, so the chance that we will have a good time together is about 100%. If you would feel the need of ending our date you tell me within 10 min and before we have gotten physical. I'll refund you apart from 500 sek / 50 euro. This I will keep for the time of me getting ready for our date.

Can I extend an ongoing date?

I want the length of our date to be decided before I arrive and paid at the start of us meeting. If you want me to stay longer during our date, please feel free to ask, if I have time to extend our date and you are prepared with the right amount cash for the time you want to add I'll stay. Please check arrangements.

Can we meet outside or in my car?

I do not do cars. Neither with new or old friends. With old good friends, I can meet in a discreet place outside during the summer if the weather think it's okey. I don't mind a sexy picnic!

I have contacted you several times. Why are you not answering?

If we haven't met, I will not respond to text messages.
I do not respond to short impersonal email or email with an unfriendly or vulgar language.
I answer the phone whenever I can. If I'm busy with other things I can not answer, just like anyone else. Call again later or send me an email. if you call outside phone hours I will not pic up and if you have not been nice you are probably blocked... For example, if you you write me with ... "Hello! Can we meet?"
"I want sex. What's your address?"
"What are you doing tonight?" etc... ... you will not get an answer. Read the website properly to have a better chance of receiving a positive response. All info on how to get a positive response is available right here on the site.