• I answer the phone whenever I can. Keep your conversation friendly but short since it's not for sure I'm alone at the time.

  • For encrypted communication I use Wire.

  • Read website before contacting me.

  • I do not have the opportunity to chitchat with people. Respect that!​

Please avoid questions such as what the price is, where I live, what I offer, etc. What I hear is "I haven't read the website and need to go back and read it".

I don't respond to

  • Hidden numbers

  • SMS messages from foraign numbers. Use Whatsapp instead.

  • Emails, messages and SMS that do not include an introduction.

Phone is on 09:00-17:00 Swedish time

You find my contact details at the bottom of this page.


I need to be able to plan my time and prefer bookings made at least one day in advance. The shorter notice you give the less chance you have that I actually have time to see you.

  • Outcall up to 500 km from Helsingborg or Gothenburg: At least one day in advance.

  • Over 500 km: Can be booked with a few days' advance.

  • Vacation travel: At least 4 weeks in advance

Introduce yourself

When you contact me for the first time, I need a vivid presentation about you and your wishes. Keep in mind, I don't know anything about you, but you've already started to get to know me a bit through my website. I prefer a too long presentation rather than too short. This gives you a better chance of receiving a positive response. The most important thing for me is that we have a mutual chemistry.

What I want you to mention at contact:

  • Name & age

  • Where did you find me?

  • When, where and for how long fo you want us to meet?

  • What are you intrested in during a date and do you have any special wishes?

  • What are you like as a person?

  • What do you do during your days?

  • What do you look like?

  • Where do you live?

  • Do you have any hobbies?

  • Anything else you want to tell me?

In addition, you should mention if you suffer from any serious health condition such as diabetes or heart problems so I can take the correct action if something would happen. For example, I can be prepared with dextrose in my handbag and / or be informed if you have any emergency medicine, where this is located and how it is given. (Aside from the obvious, call the emergency number.)


Booking a date with you means that I may need to decline someone else. By taking out a deposit, I feel more comfortable to proceed with planning our adventures together. When I have received your deposit I will reserve the time in my calendar.

Outcall up to 500 km: 10% deposit or travel expenses

Up to 500 km: Travel expenses

Fly me to you / Travel: 50% deposit + any travel expenses

I have worked hard to build an unexceptionable reputation, which is worth much more than the damage it would cause if I'd vanish with penny coins. If I did, I would not be the reputable companion that I am. It is extremely contradictory.

Deposit, short dates

I'll send you payment info about the E-gift card I use.

Deposit, extended dates and travel

Bank account.


​You pay my fee in the beginning of our date. Preferably you have prepared an envelope with the fee, which I can easily see when I arrive. Please do not let me ask for this. In order for no misunderstandings to occur, I will count them when you watch.

For fly me to you and travel the remaining 50% of my fee are paid and received 3 days before departure. 


Sometimes unexpected things happen. If you have to cancel our date, you do so with at least 24 hours notice.


Both you and I cancel at the slightest sign of illness no matter what the illness. Minimal cold symptoms. We reschedule our date to when well again.

Cancellation 24 hours or earlier:

Deposit above 500 SEK (50 €) will be refunded to you. If you want to reschedule within 60 days I will keep the deposit for this at no extra cost.

Cancellation later than 24 hours:

You pay for the time you booked in full via paysafecard or gogift. I'll tell you which one to use.

It is extremely rare, but even I may have to cancel our plans due to unexpected situations. Deposit will be refunded in full, or if you choose to reschedule, I will keep them. In addition to a genuine excuse, I will offer you extra time when we meet.


​Perhaps it's obvious for all of us, but it's better to be clear about this. Both you and I are newly showered, fresh and neat before our meeting. Do not forget to wash the gentleman down there and brush your teeth.

If you are interested in anal, I need to know this when you book our date to be able to prepare myself accordingly.


See you soon!

I don't respond to

  • Hidden numbers

  • SMS messages from foraign numbers. Use Whatsapp instead.

  • Emails, messages and SMS that do not include an introduction.

Phone is on 09:00-17:00 Swedish time

Phone: +46738917917


Wire: @Emmavonlinne

Email: info@emmaeskort.com (Reply within 72h)